Chris Adami and Arend Hintze’s work on ZD strategies featured in German newspaper Die Zeit

“Die Zeit,” a highly respected German newspaper, featured an article about our latest PNAS submission: The journalist did a stellar job of capturing the dilemma and shed light on the core concepts of our work. In the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma, Zero Determinant (ZD) strategies have the unique ability to set their opponent’s payoff to […]

Paper: “Winning isn’t everything: Evolutionary stability of Zero Determinant strategies”

Zero Determinant (ZD) strategies are a new class of probabilistic and conditional strategies that are able to unilaterally set the expected payoff of an opponent in iterated plays of the Prisoner’s Dilemma irrespective of the opponent’s strategy, or else to set the ratio between a ZD player’s and their opponent’s expected payoff. Here we show […]

Discussion: What is the responsibility of a science blog?

Earlier in July, we had the BEACON Postdoc and Students retreat covering various topics, including a session about “communicating science to the public.” From that presentation, I get the idea that scientists here in the U.S. have a rather strange public image. In the discussion session, we saw a picture and accompanying description a kindergartner […]

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