Intelligence With Representations

Rodney Brooks‘s paper “Intelligence without Representations” was published in 1991. More than 5000 citations speak for the impact this paper still has on robotics and the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I highly recommend reading that paper, since our recently published: “The Evolution of Representation in Simple Cognitive Networks” is a (somewhat belated) “direct” response […]

Evolve & Conquer: Teaching evolution via an engaging multiplayer video game

Teaching with games has been one of the buzz topics in pedagogy lately. Although video games aren’t a formal teaching method by any means, many education scientists suggest games increase intrinsic (self-) motivation to learn, augment information retention, and enable students to learn for longer periods of time beyond the normal attention span (of about […]

Discussion: What is the responsibility of a science blog?

Earlier in July, we had the BEACON Postdoc and Students retreat covering various topics, including a session about “communicating science to the public.” From that presentation, I get the idea that scientists here in the U.S. have a rather strange public image. In the discussion session, we saw a picture and accompanying description a kindergartner […]

Adami Lab receives BEACON grant for “Darwin vs. DARPA” project

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded funding from the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action for our “Darwin vs. DARPA” research project. Abstract The highly publicized DARPA project “SyNAPSE” aims at developing neuromorphic machine technology that would ultimately support artificial intelligence, for a project cost to date of […]

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