Intelligence With Representations

Rodney Brooks‘s paper “Intelligence without Representations” was published in 1991. More than 5000 citations speak for the impact this paper still has on robotics and the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I highly recommend reading that paper, since our recently published: “The Evolution of Representation in Simple Cognitive Networks” is a (somewhat belated) “direct” response […]

Chris Adami and Arend Hintze’s work on ZD strategies featured in German newspaper Die Zeit

“Die Zeit,” a highly respected German newspaper, featured an article about our latest PNAS submission: The journalist did a stellar job of capturing the dilemma and shed light on the core concepts of our work. In the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma, Zero Determinant (ZD) strategies have the unique ability to set their opponent’s payoff to […]

Commentary: “Adaptive Walks on the Fitness Landscape of Music”

The evolution of musical abilities in man was an area of intense interest for Charles Darwin: in his book The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex he discussed the emergence of voice and musical powers in terms of sexual selection and made the case that “the vocal organs were primarily used and […]

Paper: “Cognitive systems evolve complex representations for adaptive behavior”

How do brains store information about their environment, and how much? How do you measure which features of a world are represented in a brain, and what concepts a brain uses to make decisions? Lars Marstaller et al. explore these questions in a recent contribution from the Adami lab. URL:     Abstract Representations […]

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