Join the Adami Lab

We welcome applications from researchers of all experience levels to join the Adami lab. As funding becomes available, we will list job openings on this page. Unless otherwise noted below, we do not currently have funding for new research projects.

If you are interested in joining the Adami lab, please contact Dr. Adami directly about one of the job openings. Be sure to include your CV along with a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for the position. Applicants with external funding are welcome to apply regardless of whether job openings are listed below.

Since research in the Adami lab has a computational focus, we expect applicants to have a strong programming background (C++ and Python preferred, but not required). Depending on the focus of the research project, applicants with experience in evolutionary processes, digital evolution, evolutionary computation, game theory, and/or robotics will be given preference.

Postdoctoral researchers

Currently there are no open postdoctoral positions.

Graduate students

We only consider applications from Masters and PhD students that have already been accepted into a Michigan State University graduate program. As such, prospective graduate students should first secure an acceptance letter from the graduate school in the department of their field of research. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply for fellowships funded by public and private foundations such as the NSF GRFP, Fulbright, and NDSEG.

The Adami lab typically considers applications from students in the Michigan State University BioMolecular Sciences, Computer Science, and Physics graduate programs. Graduate students in the Adami lab also typically enroll in a dual degree in the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior program.

Currently there are no open graduate student positions.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates seeking research experience in the Adami Lab should first peruse the lab research page to find a research project to join. We welcome applications from undergraduate volunteers year around. Prospective undergraduate researchers are encouraged to apply to the lab through university undergraduate research experience programs such as:

Short-term paid positions for specific research projects sometimes become available, and will be listed below.

Currently there are no salaried undergraduate research positions.

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    May  2024